10 Things You Must Know About Jesus Christ

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D., and financed by the National Institute of Mental Health. They are the means of grace when they are received by faith. You have to allot time for important relationships other than Youth 0inistry. #e a!are of their readiness for discipleship. 'elp them e a!are of integrity and character issues. 'elp teenagers develop spiritual disciplines. 0odel personal #ile study and prayer time. #uild in accountaility ased on relationship and love. 'ave a mutual accountaility. 'elp them accumulate !isdom for life from the "no!ledge of the $criptures. 0a"e a alance of ilical "no!ledge and practical !ays to use it. &each them to e discerning. 0ost youth ma"e spontaneous decisions. &hey do not thin" aout conse*uences. 7< 3eonildo $ilveira ?1@@AB, )hy 'istoric Churches are .eclining and Pentecostal Churches are gro!ing in #ra1il.

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