Breastfeeding Week Celebration Report

Breastfeeding Week Celebration Report Lucknow Academy of Peditrics Breastfeeding Week Celebration by Lucknow Academy of Paediatrics was exceptionally grand and done whole-heartedly in the endeavour to promote, support and protect breastfeeding. Preparation: The planning of celebration started around a month before the actual week. After extensive deliberation and brain storming on the subject, our President Prof […]

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WHO guidelines on Rabies

A CME on “Rabies Update” was organised by the IAP Lucknow branch in collaboration with the Pediatric department of Hind Institute of Medical Sciences  on 17/05/2018. Its main purpose is to give information to & solve the myths about rabies in the society and to inform updated WHO guidelines on Rabies.

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Key points of 17/03/2018’s CME

Key points of 17/03/2018’s CME 1. Generally no investigations required for acute Urticaria. 2. Commonest cause of Acute Urticaria- infections especially Viral. 3  2nd generation of antihistamines are the drug of choice for Urticaria. 4. 1st generation antihistamines not recommended mainly due to impairment of Cognitive function, affects R.E.M. sleep & tachyphylaxis. 5. Poor response […]

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