Activity Planner of IAP ORS Week By Lucknow Academy of Pediatrics 25TH JULY – 31 JULY





As ORS week comes close by , Lucknow Academy of Pediatrics is geared up fully to celebrate it with full zeal and enthusiasm

We seek your support and blessings for this noble work.
Slogan for ORS week “ORS ORS all the day, keep dehydration at Bay”
We plan to celebrate it by following AIMS Awareness about ORS and diarrhea , Involve all health care professional , Talk and Use Media and Reach the Society
Activity planned  for the ORS week
25th ORS Awareness Camp and Mixing Competition at RMLIMS
26th ORS Awareness Camp and Mixing Competition and Guest Lecture at HIMS, School activity at Barabanki in association with Rotary Club (8-9am)
27th  ORS Awareness Camp and Mixing Competition and Guest Lecture at VPIMS; School Activity at Euro Kids, Chowk(8-9am)
28th ORS Awareness Camp and Mixing Competition at Command Hospital ans TSM Medical College ;’Practitioners Perspective meet on ORS at 2-4 PM
29th Awareness March at 1090 (7-8 Am)of LAP Members and Paramedical Staff
30th  ORS Awareness Camp and Mixing Competition and Guest Lecture at ELMCH
31st  ORS Awareness Camp and Mixing Competition and Guest Lecture at KGMU

Along with this around 20 pediatricians in private sector will be doing an stamp and awareness Campinas to spread the  knowledge about use of ORS ( list attached)

We have set few guidelines and distributed among our members for celebration of the week which i am forwarding to you all
Dear Members
  1. We would request you all base it on AIMS (Awareness about ORS and diarrhea ,Involve all health care professional , Use Media and Reach the Society)
  2. Display banner for all 7 days at a prominent site in your hospital/clinic so that it catches the eye of  one and all
  3. Use the stamp on every prescription through out the week so that message reaches far and wide (both stamp and banner will be reaching you all shortly)
  4. Demonstrate how to make ORS and practice hand hygiene to children and there caretakers. (ORS packets will be made available to you )
  5. Interactive activity, role play , ORS Mixing competition may be planned at individual places.
  6. Post a small summary of activity with 3-4 pics on the ORS whats group(only) so that we can compile the report later; which will be uploaded on website and also sent to UPIAP and Central IAP.
  7. we have already posted a synopsis of date wise activity to be held at various medical colleges and schools confirmed so far . We would request you to all join these activities if feasible.
  8. Pediatrician Perspective lunch meeting is planned for Saturday , 28th July between  2-4 pm; Please join it for sure. (details of which will be updated in next few days)
  9. For and queries please feel free to contact Dr Amit Rastogi (9044038421) Dr Anurag Katiyar  (9450129666) Dr Shrish Bhatnagar (9918208555)
Team ORS-LAP                                                                                                                 
Dr R Ahuja -President LAP
Dr Abhishek Bansal – Secretary LAP
Dr Tr Yadav- Treasurer LAP
Dr Anurag Katiyar – Jt Sec LAP and Coordinator ORS week
Dr Amit Rastogi- Coordinator ORS week
Dr Shrish Bhatnagar-  Coordinator ORS week